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About Me

I was drawn to web development with a belief that with the right drive technically anything could be done.

Code beginnings

I began learning to code in early 2015. From what began as years of learning and using Microsoft Excel, I realised I was spending most of my time thinking about how to solve development problems.

General Assembly

I kickstarted my learning in development by attending the General Assembly 3 month Web Development Immersive program. It was a fantastic time in my life, I made great friends, produced some websites I'm proud of, and it significantly accellerated my code understanding and learning.

Code languages

I have learnt a multitude of coding languages and technologies, and this list continues to expand in order to keep up with new tech developments.

My favourite stack

The MEAN stack is my favourite to build with, however I have also produced a site with a Rails API and Angular on the front which was fun to work with.

What's next?

My next coding challenge is to learn ReactJS which is fast gaining popularity in the coding community. Potentially Angular2 will be on the learning list.



A game where politicians fly across the screen. Inspired by Duck Hunt and Pokémon Go. The logic in jQuery moves the politician from point A to B on a randomizer function on the X/Y axis, and a loop detects for collisions between the fired object and the target.


A site where users can view bars located nearby using the Google Maps and Google Places APIs. The bars are displayed on the map with markers, and on clicking an info-window appears with photos, contact details, rating, and reviews.


This site uses photos from the Unsplash API to inspire collaborative novels. Each novel has a total entry limit of 5, and each entry has a limit of 200 words. Once a novelist has created a story and written the first paragraph, another user must enter the next paragraph.


An investment management application which retrieves live market data from Google Finance, historic chart price data from Quandl, and exchange & epic codes from Markit. Users can place virtual trades with comments, view their historic trades, and portfolio summary.



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