Atom Freezing On Project Open

25 February 2017

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DESCRIPTION: Atom was freezing when opening a Jekyll project. It started happening when opening a jquery.easing.min.js file. It also freezes when opening any other minimised file - like lunr.min.js, or bootstrap.min.js

Atom appears to have an issue of opening up files with long lines of code - in particular the minimised versions as this jquery file was. Atom worked fine with other projects, but this one project it would freeze every time I opened it up. Attempted fixes:


The fix that worked for me was navigating to the project in the terminal. Here run atom --clear-window-state. # FIXED woohoo

Atom coverage

This issue has been with atom since 2013 by the looks of this discussion board on Atom’s github issues board:


I see that FINALLY they have found a fix for this, and should be released in the Atom version 1.16 (currently the production version is 1.14.3). I look forward to this fix.